Thursday, March 17, 2011

Why do they grow up so fast?

Just thinking about blogging about three of my children's birthdays that happen this weekend makes me somewhat sad.  Tomorrow my oldest turns nine.  Nine!?! When did this happen?  Just yesterday he was learning to walk.  Really. I promise. He was.  Him being nine reminds me that he's in 3rd grade.  My mom teaches 3rd grade and he's certainly not big enough to be in her class. But wait.....he is.  Have I really failed to notice that he's growing up?  I noticed all right but I believe I've been in denial because that means I've gotten older. (I had a big problem with turning thirty) So Jakob is no longer my baby boy and doesn't enjoy snuggling anymore but I am a proud mommy to see how far my son has come.  Deafness has not stopped him from enjoying his life one bit.  He's happy, healthy and I couldn't ask for a better son. Happy Birthday to my nine year old son Jakob. 
Now to the twins.  Kris informed me today that he was not a baby anymore but a big boy so no more referring to him as my baby boy :(  It was more like, "I not a baby mommy. I gonna be free on Sunday. I big boy not baby boy." Marley is a lot better.  She wants to be my baby girl and doesn't want to turn three. She wants to be a "wittle pwincess". 
Not a lot has changed since the twins were born except I get a few more hours of sleep thank goodness.  They were so little (preemie) and now they are so big.  I had to laugh when reading Jodi's blog about Blake's birth because I went to see her when he was born and as I was sitting there holding him he was making all these baby noises and I went into labor lol.  I was sitting there having contractions not knowing what to do and all I could focus on was Russ eating this huge salad.  I didn't want to tell anyone because I didn't want to steal Blake's spotlight so I was very relieved when the other guests decided to leave and I could walk out of the room without causing a scene.  I ended up in labor and delivery anyways with contractions that took hours to stop all the while wishing I had waited to visit Jodi until later lol.  After ten days of contractions off and on my water broke and I went in for my c-section. Yes having twins was a handful and it still is but they are so much fun.  They talk like crazy and are always finishing each other's sentences.  They are so competitive too which a lot of times works in my favor. I'm going to enjoy watching them grow up with the special relationship that they have.  Happy Birthday Topher and May!  I love you so much!
So although is makes me a little sad that my kids are growing up so fast I treasure each and every minute I have with them.  Being a mommy is the best choice I've ever made :)

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Ten things that made me smile this week

1. Trent coming up and asking me why you don't want to drop the soap while your in jail. I was shocked speechless and then was laughing hysterically.

2. The twins obsession with the darbage (garbage) truck.  Everytime it comes they smash their faces up against the window and squeal until the truck is done.

3. Jakob, who can't talk, chewing his brother and sister out for messing up his legos by just shouting da da da at them and pointing.

4. I kept smelling poo around Marley but everytime I checked her she was clean. Turned out she had a poopy diaper in her purse.  So gross!

5. Trent telling the receptionist at the chiropractors office that I was getting old and needed the doctor to fix my bones so I could walk again.

6. Kris hooking a box up to Jakob and riding on his back pretending he was a truck driver pulling a trailer.

7.  While potty training Kris he stood up and said that he couldn't go then promptly peed on my foot.  Thanks son :)

8. Marley insisting that her dog says meow

9. Jakob unwilling to pay attention to me when I tried to explain the milk was expired and not to drink it :) He will pay attention in the future I'm sure.

10. Telling the twins to not touch my back because I'm in so much pain and Kris poking right where it hurt and said, "Right here Mama?"