Thursday, March 3, 2011

Ten things that made me smile this week

1. Trent coming up and asking me why you don't want to drop the soap while your in jail. I was shocked speechless and then was laughing hysterically.

2. The twins obsession with the darbage (garbage) truck.  Everytime it comes they smash their faces up against the window and squeal until the truck is done.

3. Jakob, who can't talk, chewing his brother and sister out for messing up his legos by just shouting da da da at them and pointing.

4. I kept smelling poo around Marley but everytime I checked her she was clean. Turned out she had a poopy diaper in her purse.  So gross!

5. Trent telling the receptionist at the chiropractors office that I was getting old and needed the doctor to fix my bones so I could walk again.

6. Kris hooking a box up to Jakob and riding on his back pretending he was a truck driver pulling a trailer.

7.  While potty training Kris he stood up and said that he couldn't go then promptly peed on my foot.  Thanks son :)

8. Marley insisting that her dog says meow

9. Jakob unwilling to pay attention to me when I tried to explain the milk was expired and not to drink it :) He will pay attention in the future I'm sure.

10. Telling the twins to not touch my back because I'm in so much pain and Kris poking right where it hurt and said, "Right here Mama?"

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  1. I love kids! These are all cute, but #4 really made me laugh :)