Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Wonderful, fantastic and what were you thinking?

There are some some simply wonderful, fantastic things that my kids do and then some that I have to sit back and wonder what they were thinking.  The last few weeks have been eventful to say the least so her is my wonderful, fantastic and what were you thinking top five:

1. Jakob read his first book ever which is both wonderful and fantastic.  I was so proud of him and literaly cried when he signed "the end".  I couldn't help but ask what he was thinking when I opened said book and it was covered with buggers.  Enough said.

2.  Kris was running around in a diaper while I was dressing his sister and was cleaning up his toys in the living room. Wonderful!  But so he could carry a bunch of toys to his room at one time he shoved them down his diaper. His poopy diaper. Yeah.........gross pretty much described that.

3.  Trent has been learning about ir, ur, er and ar during school.  He wrote out the word shirt. Fantastic right?  He's only five.  But then came, "Mom if you don't put the r it says SH@* just like the bad word we shouldn't say." I'm sure he thought long and hard about that in time out.

4. Marley finally went potty in the potty chair.  Wonderful and fantastic! She asked for big girl underwear like Kris' big boy underwear.  An hour later she came out of her room crying because she had gotten Kris' underwear stuck on her head. Seriously.  I had to cut them off of her.  I think we'll be waiting on the big girl underwear.

5. On a good day the twins and Trent like to be helpful and I usually put them to work with the laundry.  They all put their own clothes away.  Wonderful for me!  Putting Kris to bed one night I noticed that his pillow was huge. After a quick investigation I discovered several pairs of his pants that I had been looking for.  I had been looking for three days and he was sleeping on them.  He tried to convince me that he needed them in case we decided to go camping.

I love our wonderful, fantastic and what were you thinking moments.  These kids never cease to make me laugh.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

A Five Year Olds Prayer

Trent is really into praying right now which I obviously have no problem with.  We pray over food, owies and such but the night time prayers are the big ones.  We've talked about what kind of things to pray for and up until now I have been doing the praying.  Tonight Trent decided to give it a try and I just thought I'd share:

Dear God and Jesus (Just in case God is busy with another kid Mom) please make Grandpa's back feel better and don't let him get any more shots cause they hurt.

Thank you that Nana only has 4 more Mondays (until school is out) then I can stay the night.
Please don't let Uncle Nic get sick anymore. He's getting a wife and has to work to pay bills (Hmmm).

Thank you that Aunt Jaime is going to marry Uncle Nic but he's still going to bring me swimming. He said so. Three times.

 Let Aunt Becky's baby "Wook" (Luke) get big and strong and Aunt Becky not to be so tired.  She's reeeaalllly tired and needs naps  (Can you tell he's been talking to Lilly?).

 Let Uncle Ryan get lots of money for his truck so he doesn't have to give money for it anymore (eavesdropping lol).

Lilly's stomach hurts and I don't want it to hurt her no more.

I want Daddy Justin to come home tomorrow cause I miss him and Mommy does too. 

Mommy's back hurts and she needs a new one at the doctor's.

 Don't let Jakob be mean to me anymore when I get 1st place on the Wii.

Kris has a smart mouth and needs to be nice to Mommy. 

May May is posed (supposed) to be a lady but her poop is reeeaaallly stinky. Mommy says ladies are posed to smell like roses. May May needs lots of roses. I have to put the diapers in the black garbage.

Please make the sunshine come out every day.

Oh and amen.

Although some parts were funny I was really surprised the way Trent prayed.  I expected him to want me to lead him with what to say but he just started talking to God. Sometimes it's not so bad having a five year old with "big ears". Especially when he can pray like that.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Will she ever go!?!

I have found over these past few months that I DO NOT LIKE potty training my daughter.  The boys just learned from each other but she is something else.  The potty chair is referred to as a monster by her therefore she will not sit on it.  I have to hold her every second on the big toilet because she is so little that she will fall in. And even then she's crying the whole time.  For some reason EVERY time she gets out of the bath instead of telling me she has to go she will go on her towel.  What's up with that!?!  The toilet is five steps away! as you can imagine she is frustrating me.  My little, adorable princess is literally driving me nuts.   I try to find comfort in the fact that at least she's paying attention.  I mean she congratulates me every time I go.  A sweet "Good job Mommy". She's very proud that I wear big girl underwear as well.  Despite my frustration just looking at her adorable face makes all that frustration go away.  Just between you and me though I whisper in her ear at night while she's sleeping that no matter what she will be potty trained. I will not be defeated!!!!! :)