Friday, December 30, 2011

Holiday fun and a big change for 2011

I haven't written on here in ages and I haven't figured out how to post pictures from my cell phone onto this page so you'll have to do without pictures for now. Our holidays were great this year. Thanksgiving brought forth another deep fried turkey and some great, relaxing family time. Holiday shopping was crazy but I got it all done with plenty of time to spare. All eleven kids were extra spoiled this year and so was Justin. Every time I turned around I found something to get him. We celebrated Christmas a week early with my family this year. My sis and her mom hosted. It was fun and the kids went crazy when it came time to open gifts. The day before Christmas Eve we took the kids to PIR and Peacock Lane which was a first for Justin and I as well. It was soooo much fun. Jakob has always loved lights and exclaimed loudly over each house, Trent found every flaw with the lights that you possibly could, Marley REALLY like the "princess" lights (pink and purple) and Kris wAs to busy checking out the cars and trucks passing by since that is his main interest. We were all exhausted by the end but we had a blast. Christmas Eve we had our family Christmas at home and just had a lazy day. We of course watched A Christmas Story (Jakob still pretends to shoot his eye out) and Jim Carrey's Grinch. Marley always mentions that the grinch needs to brush his teeth. We headed to bed with a messy house but anticipating our day in the snow on Christmas Day. We drive out to Mt. Hood the next morning and of course it was raining. By the time we got up to Timberline it was extremely windy with stinging ice pellets. Needless to say we did not last long and our snow day was a complete failure bu we again had a coast just being together. Marley was just happy to wear her pink snow pants. It took three days to clean the house but it was worth every minute. Christmas decor is put away and now my focus is on organizing and packing. Packing you say? Why yes packing. We have decided to make the big move to Tennessee. Not only do I get to live close to my brother, sis and her family but we are that much closer to our other seven kids :) we are so excited about this new change. We decided to sell practically everything so right now I'm just going through things and getting ready to post them on Craigslist and Facebook. Even the kids are enjoying the sorting process. Trent has learned a lot about people in need this year and has taught a lot to the twins. They were more than willing to give away a good amount of clothes and toys to those in need. I love to see that kind of growth in them. They are really excited to move. Kris is constantly grabbing the globe and showing me Tennessee. It should be quite the adventure driving across country with two vehicles, a trailer and all the kids. If I can figure out how to post pictures I will. I will also be adding some more Trent stories as well as the twins. Happy New Year!!!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

A Little Bit of Everything

It's been so long since I've posted on here!  This past month has been crazy.  I was very thankful to have school finally end but now I'm kind of wishing for my own sanity that it was starting lol.  The end of school brought my soon-to-be stepchildren Paige and Alex.
Paige and Justin

Alex and Trent

First of all I was wrong that adding two more kids was no big deal.  Definitely a lot more work.  But these two are so helpful with the other kids that it has made things quite a bit easier on me.  I truly have fallen in love with them and am praying with all my heart that God's place for them is with Justin and I. Second I was completely unprepared for a ten year old daughter.  Paige is wonderful but I was not expecting to discuss becoming a teenager and such. Like the "P word". I was not prepared to discuss that.  Marley is only three for goodness sake!  I'm sorry but I think I need a refresher course of Growing Kids God's Way.  Just thinking off it makes me panic lol.  I struggle with having to give them back but hoping my time with them again will be soon.
So summer fun with six kids has been crazy fun.  We spent a couple of days down in Molalla playing in the water at the park.  The kids could spend hours upon hours there and I enjoyed relaxing in the shade :)  Even going to the library and checking out books was a success. Lego night with a bazillion kids was insane. Fourth of July was insanely loud and I still jump at every loud sound I hear lol.  We did a lot of playing in the sun and this week they are all enjoying Vacation Bible Camp.  Enjoy the pics and keep us in your prayers as we go to court for custody next Tuesday : 
Alex, Paige, Jake and Trent
Paige and May
Kris and May

Kris and May

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Wonderful, fantastic and what were you thinking?

There are some some simply wonderful, fantastic things that my kids do and then some that I have to sit back and wonder what they were thinking.  The last few weeks have been eventful to say the least so her is my wonderful, fantastic and what were you thinking top five:

1. Jakob read his first book ever which is both wonderful and fantastic.  I was so proud of him and literaly cried when he signed "the end".  I couldn't help but ask what he was thinking when I opened said book and it was covered with buggers.  Enough said.

2.  Kris was running around in a diaper while I was dressing his sister and was cleaning up his toys in the living room. Wonderful!  But so he could carry a bunch of toys to his room at one time he shoved them down his diaper. His poopy diaper. Yeah.........gross pretty much described that.

3.  Trent has been learning about ir, ur, er and ar during school.  He wrote out the word shirt. Fantastic right?  He's only five.  But then came, "Mom if you don't put the r it says SH@* just like the bad word we shouldn't say." I'm sure he thought long and hard about that in time out.

4. Marley finally went potty in the potty chair.  Wonderful and fantastic! She asked for big girl underwear like Kris' big boy underwear.  An hour later she came out of her room crying because she had gotten Kris' underwear stuck on her head. Seriously.  I had to cut them off of her.  I think we'll be waiting on the big girl underwear.

5. On a good day the twins and Trent like to be helpful and I usually put them to work with the laundry.  They all put their own clothes away.  Wonderful for me!  Putting Kris to bed one night I noticed that his pillow was huge. After a quick investigation I discovered several pairs of his pants that I had been looking for.  I had been looking for three days and he was sleeping on them.  He tried to convince me that he needed them in case we decided to go camping.

I love our wonderful, fantastic and what were you thinking moments.  These kids never cease to make me laugh.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

A Five Year Olds Prayer

Trent is really into praying right now which I obviously have no problem with.  We pray over food, owies and such but the night time prayers are the big ones.  We've talked about what kind of things to pray for and up until now I have been doing the praying.  Tonight Trent decided to give it a try and I just thought I'd share:

Dear God and Jesus (Just in case God is busy with another kid Mom) please make Grandpa's back feel better and don't let him get any more shots cause they hurt.

Thank you that Nana only has 4 more Mondays (until school is out) then I can stay the night.
Please don't let Uncle Nic get sick anymore. He's getting a wife and has to work to pay bills (Hmmm).

Thank you that Aunt Jaime is going to marry Uncle Nic but he's still going to bring me swimming. He said so. Three times.

 Let Aunt Becky's baby "Wook" (Luke) get big and strong and Aunt Becky not to be so tired.  She's reeeaalllly tired and needs naps  (Can you tell he's been talking to Lilly?).

 Let Uncle Ryan get lots of money for his truck so he doesn't have to give money for it anymore (eavesdropping lol).

Lilly's stomach hurts and I don't want it to hurt her no more.

I want Daddy Justin to come home tomorrow cause I miss him and Mommy does too. 

Mommy's back hurts and she needs a new one at the doctor's.

 Don't let Jakob be mean to me anymore when I get 1st place on the Wii.

Kris has a smart mouth and needs to be nice to Mommy. 

May May is posed (supposed) to be a lady but her poop is reeeaaallly stinky. Mommy says ladies are posed to smell like roses. May May needs lots of roses. I have to put the diapers in the black garbage.

Please make the sunshine come out every day.

Oh and amen.

Although some parts were funny I was really surprised the way Trent prayed.  I expected him to want me to lead him with what to say but he just started talking to God. Sometimes it's not so bad having a five year old with "big ears". Especially when he can pray like that.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Will she ever go!?!

I have found over these past few months that I DO NOT LIKE potty training my daughter.  The boys just learned from each other but she is something else.  The potty chair is referred to as a monster by her therefore she will not sit on it.  I have to hold her every second on the big toilet because she is so little that she will fall in. And even then she's crying the whole time.  For some reason EVERY time she gets out of the bath instead of telling me she has to go she will go on her towel.  What's up with that!?!  The toilet is five steps away! as you can imagine she is frustrating me.  My little, adorable princess is literally driving me nuts.   I try to find comfort in the fact that at least she's paying attention.  I mean she congratulates me every time I go.  A sweet "Good job Mommy". She's very proud that I wear big girl underwear as well.  Despite my frustration just looking at her adorable face makes all that frustration go away.  Just between you and me though I whisper in her ear at night while she's sleeping that no matter what she will be potty trained. I will not be defeated!!!!! :)

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Trent and Bruce Turner

Trent was only at CCS one year in the two day preschool but he still knew Bruce Turner.  He had seen me break down and cry when I was told the news about Bruce and so I shared with him what had happened.  I wasn't sure how much he understood about death and then he said something I'm sure to never forget.  He said, "Mr. Turner was sick mom and you said we won't be sick when we go to heaven. I think Mr. Turner is eating lots of candy and riding his bike.  He can watch the kids in heaven go down the slide."  I couldn't help picturing Bruce up in heaven keeping an eye on the playground, whistle and all :)

Jakob the Lego King

Viking Ship

 Most people know that my oldest son Jakob is deaf.  Because of this he has always had sensory needs and legos have been something that he really enjoys.  Playing with them is very calming for him.  Now every mother thinks their kids are pretty amazing at some point or another but let me tell you this boy amazes me constantly with his legos.  He has quite a few sets but he can build ANYTHING.  I'm not kidding when I say that.  He'll see something in a movie that he likes and build it.  He'll see another lego set the he doesn't have and build it.  I started taking pictures because I just found it so amazing.  I always wonder what God has in store for him.  He could design some pretty amazing buildings.  Here is some of his handywork.....
P.S. He does his best building in his underwear in case you were wondering :)

Super Bowl
First airplane he built
I couldn't figure this one out but it was cool anyways
I believe this is a ship from Star Wars
Ark of the Covenant
Scene from Indiana Jones where they took the Ark

Kris' Staples

Last week I had my first experience with one of my kids cracking their head open.  It wasn't horrible but the wound was still open after an hour so I took Kris down to the Urgent Care.  He was so upset that he had to go to the doctor.  He kept saying, "It's fine Mama. My heads fine."  But then he would touch the spot and start crying again because it hurt.  After seeing the doctor he decided to put three staples in for five days.  My thought was that staples were better than stitches.  Kris on the other hand proceeded to tell the doctor that he couldn't have staples put in his head because his mama said he would get in big trouble if he played with the stapler again.  I sat holding numbing medicine on his head for twenty minutes (guess they wanted to be sure) and then the doctor came back in with his mini stapler and went to work. After seeing the doctors handiwork Kris was quite proud to let everyone know that he had staples in his head.  I took him out to CCS to visit my mom and she had her class look at his head.  The girls had a typical third grade reaction which was funny.  Except I believe I hear Kyra say cool lol.  On the way home Kris said, "I liked when the grills (girls) said ewww about my sthapelths (staples) mama. " Of course that would make him happy.  He was quite disappointed to have his staples removed and wanted to keep them.

Marley the Bag Lady

I'm pretty sure I've mentioned on here before that my sweet, adorable daughter collects TRASH.  Yes that's right. Any kind of garbage she can get her hands on.  She puts it in plastic bags and purses and puts them in her bed.  The once a month cleaning where I went through all her toys and such turned to weekly and now daily.  Sometimes she completely grosses me out.  Why would you carry around the other half of your banana that  you didn't eat from four days ago? Or a poopy diaper in your purse? Hey if I ever lose a receipt I needed I know where to find it.  For some reason she sees all the trash as treasure.  So yesterday she came out of her room looking like this.........

My very own bag lady
I was a bit mortified because my mind was starting to picture her in the future pushing a shopping cart full of junk down the side walk and stopping to feed the pigeons.  And this is no joke.  Not two minutes later she asked if she could put bread in her bags to feed the birds outside in the yard. Hopefully as she grows up she'll take an interest in make up and clothes lol.  And yes all of those bags are filled with trash.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Why do they grow up so fast?

Just thinking about blogging about three of my children's birthdays that happen this weekend makes me somewhat sad.  Tomorrow my oldest turns nine.  Nine!?! When did this happen?  Just yesterday he was learning to walk.  Really. I promise. He was.  Him being nine reminds me that he's in 3rd grade.  My mom teaches 3rd grade and he's certainly not big enough to be in her class. But wait.....he is.  Have I really failed to notice that he's growing up?  I noticed all right but I believe I've been in denial because that means I've gotten older. (I had a big problem with turning thirty) So Jakob is no longer my baby boy and doesn't enjoy snuggling anymore but I am a proud mommy to see how far my son has come.  Deafness has not stopped him from enjoying his life one bit.  He's happy, healthy and I couldn't ask for a better son. Happy Birthday to my nine year old son Jakob. 
Now to the twins.  Kris informed me today that he was not a baby anymore but a big boy so no more referring to him as my baby boy :(  It was more like, "I not a baby mommy. I gonna be free on Sunday. I big boy not baby boy." Marley is a lot better.  She wants to be my baby girl and doesn't want to turn three. She wants to be a "wittle pwincess". 
Not a lot has changed since the twins were born except I get a few more hours of sleep thank goodness.  They were so little (preemie) and now they are so big.  I had to laugh when reading Jodi's blog about Blake's birth because I went to see her when he was born and as I was sitting there holding him he was making all these baby noises and I went into labor lol.  I was sitting there having contractions not knowing what to do and all I could focus on was Russ eating this huge salad.  I didn't want to tell anyone because I didn't want to steal Blake's spotlight so I was very relieved when the other guests decided to leave and I could walk out of the room without causing a scene.  I ended up in labor and delivery anyways with contractions that took hours to stop all the while wishing I had waited to visit Jodi until later lol.  After ten days of contractions off and on my water broke and I went in for my c-section. Yes having twins was a handful and it still is but they are so much fun.  They talk like crazy and are always finishing each other's sentences.  They are so competitive too which a lot of times works in my favor. I'm going to enjoy watching them grow up with the special relationship that they have.  Happy Birthday Topher and May!  I love you so much!
So although is makes me a little sad that my kids are growing up so fast I treasure each and every minute I have with them.  Being a mommy is the best choice I've ever made :)

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Ten things that made me smile this week

1. Trent coming up and asking me why you don't want to drop the soap while your in jail. I was shocked speechless and then was laughing hysterically.

2. The twins obsession with the darbage (garbage) truck.  Everytime it comes they smash their faces up against the window and squeal until the truck is done.

3. Jakob, who can't talk, chewing his brother and sister out for messing up his legos by just shouting da da da at them and pointing.

4. I kept smelling poo around Marley but everytime I checked her she was clean. Turned out she had a poopy diaper in her purse.  So gross!

5. Trent telling the receptionist at the chiropractors office that I was getting old and needed the doctor to fix my bones so I could walk again.

6. Kris hooking a box up to Jakob and riding on his back pretending he was a truck driver pulling a trailer.

7.  While potty training Kris he stood up and said that he couldn't go then promptly peed on my foot.  Thanks son :)

8. Marley insisting that her dog says meow

9. Jakob unwilling to pay attention to me when I tried to explain the milk was expired and not to drink it :) He will pay attention in the future I'm sure.

10. Telling the twins to not touch my back because I'm in so much pain and Kris poking right where it hurt and said, "Right here Mama?"

Monday, February 21, 2011

Potty training twins....need I say more?

So I "kinda" started potty training a while ago.  "Kinda" meaning I've been putting them on the potty when it was convenient for me.  Not exactly training I know but potty training two children at once is just not fun and takes up so much time.  But I am TIRED of changing diapers and they are very ready to be potty trained so here it goes. 
Meet Kristopher.....this child never admits that he needs to be changed.  He always blames his sister for going potty in his diaper.  He has a super cool Lightening McQueen potty chair which he likes to dump water into and claim that he went potty.
Meet Marley....she really has no motivation to use a potty chair.  She likes to hide and do her business and I refuse to put a potty chair in her closet.  She is very much a princess and looks at me like I'm crazy for asking her to sit on the potty. Every princess needs a throne right? (Come on that was kinda funny lol)
Kristopher gets all excited to put on his big boy underwear and tells me over and over he's a big boy now and will go pee in his potty.  He sits down a hundred different times during the day and never goes but always manages to pee his pants at least five times.  I can't figure him out and have been sending Trent into the bathroom with him for a big brother pep talk lol. 
Marley on the other hand goes in the potty very often.  But it's only because she is SOBBING about sitting on the potty.  She doesn't even notice she's doing it.  Then when I show her and say yeah she gets even more upset.  I'm hoping her babydoll that has her own potty chair will cause the tears to cease and we can make this a good experience.
Both of them have dry diapers at night and even take off their own diapers because they don't like the yucky stuff so I know that they are ready but they sure are making it difficult.  I just keep dreaming of a diaper free day :) Below are pictures of Marley caught in her hiding spot and Kris smiling and trying to convince me that he did NOT pee his pants lol.

(Wow I sure said potty a lot didn't I?)

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Never turn your back on your children in the baby aisle

This is a much loved Trent story that I have been asked over and over to share again.  I must warn you that for mother's with younger children this may give you a small panic attack if you think of it happening to yourself. LOL.  No seriously.........Up until recently I was never actually willing to take all my children to the store.  Someone always threw a fit and I would always have to leave before I was done shopping which made the trip pointless.  Well just my luck I ran out of diapers so I put all the kids in the car and off we went to Fred Meyer.  My thought was I just needed one thing which made my shopping trip a very quick one.  The twins are fairly easy as they just sit in the cart.  Trent walks beside me and it's usually Jakob who takes off to the toy section so I was watching him closely.  We made it to the baby aisle and I grabbed the bag of diapers, ready to go, but a few items on the shelf caught my eye.  Needing to compare I started reading the labels on the back and when I glanced up to check on Jake I noticed people in the aisle laughing and pointing. I slowly turned around filled with dread knowing this was not a good thing and there stood by five year old son COVERED from head to toe with maxi pads.  Yes by now you are all laughing but that was not my initial reaction.  I was thoroughly embarrassed.  All I could think was is he really covered in maxi pads?  I immediately removed every single pad from his body and whispered a "you are in so much trouble when we get home" then headed for the checkout line. Knowing I would have to pay for the maxi pads I shoved them all back in the bag. I made Trent hand the bag to the clerk intending to make him explain what he did but before I could he tells the clerk, "My mommy needs these for when she pees her pants."  Good one son........can you embarrass me even more!?!  I still have not recovered from this experience and make sure that I never let Trent out of my sight.  He still reminds me from time to time that I should buy him some of those big bandaids for his owies. 

Friday, February 11, 2011

I love it when my kids get excited!

I love it when my kids get more excited about things than I do.  Many of you know I was in a car accident a few weeks back and totaled my car.  We have been in a rental car until today.  I was able to find a minivan on craigslist and we went to pick it up today.  Trent has been excited for a week now that we were getting a minivan.  He has had to share an incredibly small seat with his brother Jakob for quite some time  and he was thrilled that he would get his own seat in the minivan.  So I got Trent out of the car to come and take a look at it with me.  He immediately hopped in a sat in every seat at least twice and counted all of them at least ten times.  He was shaking he was so excited.  Well that and he needed to use the restroom which he failed to mention until we had to leave but I have never seen him so happy.  He made a remark later at home that there are seven seats but only six of us.  So I asked him what we should do with the extra seat?  Have another baby?  Usually this teasing results in a cry of outrage because he has no desire to have anymore brothers and sisters who get him in trouble lol.  He promptly replied," Yep you'll get a baby in your tummy and push it out and we'll put it in that seat."  I believe that Trent had to much excitement today and now he has me wondering how he knew that babies were pushed out.............

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Cover those things up!!!!

Today I took Kris, Marley and Trent inside Jakob's school with me.  Feeling extremely lazy I had them call back to the classroom so I could just wait in the chairs at the front of the school.  I got the kids situated and noticed that Marley's shoes had come untied.  While leaning over to tie them Trent started pulling on my arm and practically yelling, "Mom, mom look!"  I immediately looked to where he was pointing and had to take a double take before I actually realized what I saw.  Across from us there was a woman breastfeeding her baby.  No big deal right?  Except the fact that the woman had both breasts out for the world to see in an ELEMENTARY school.  I had a "slight" problem with that and while I was thinking of a way to ask the lady to politely cover herself Trent says, "Mom she has boobs just like you!"  Before I could respond, as my face is turning red from embarrassment, he then asks " Why is that baby biting her boob?"  This may seem weird but I felt that discussing nursing was easier than explaining why the woman is sitting there basically topless. During my explanation to Trent I glance over at the woman who gives me this snobby "I can't believe your children look" and I actually laughed out loud.  Seriously!?! Finally the office secretary had come back and noticed the half dressed woman in the chair and was immediately asked to leave the building. Finally Jakob was coming down the hall so we could leave. We had to pass by the now very angry but STILL half naked woman to get outside and Trent (You really didn't think we could just leave did you?) turns to the lady and says, "My mom says that I can't see girls boobs until I'm married," and then he skipped out the door. I seriously laughed so hard I was crying.  Yes we did have a discussion about not being naked in front of the opposite sex until your married the other day because Trent likes to bolt around the house naked before finally getting his clothes on so you can understand why I found it hilarious.  On the way home Trent asked if we had money.  Thinking he wanted a happy meal I just asked why. He wanted to know if we had enough money to go buy that lady a shirt.  HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Urgent Care Disaster

While helping Trent get dressed the other morning I noticed he was covered in a rash. After taking a closer look panic began to set in as I realized it looked a lot like chicken pox.  I  immediately got on the internet and started looking a pictures to try to compare them to Trent's "rash".  First of all ewww gross about all those pictures and second some pictures looked the same as Trent's rash so off to the urgent care we went.  Now to start the night off not so well the twins had taken a late nap so I had to wake them up and practically cram food down all of their throats so we could get in and out of the urgent care by bedtime.  Silly me.  There was an hour wait and I chose to wait out in the lobby as I knew my kids would not behave in a small waiting room.  So while waiting for Trent to be seen for a rash Marley ran head first into a pole and still has a good size goose egg on her forehead which is now bruised.  I had just told her to stop running to.  1 down 3 to go.  Next Jakob showed me  a sharp metal piece on his chair and I signed for him not to touch it.  Thirty seconds later he came running over with his finger covered in blood. Obviously I need to work on my sign language. 2 down 2 to go.  Ok so it's getting close to the hour of waiting so I move the kids into the waiting room and Kris decides that he wants to cuddle which I was more than happy to do.  Did they just call Trent's name?  Why yes they did.  I set Kris on the floor and stand up only to notice that my little cuddly son had peed through his diaper and the left leg of my pants was soaked.  No problem.  I just make the kids walk right in front of me to hide it. 3 down 1 to go. The doctor comes in all laughing and in a great mood and for a brief moment I want to slap the man for taking so long.  Turns out Trent did not have the chicken pox but a viral rash that was contagious and I could look forward to the whole family getting it.4 down and it's time to go home.  And that was my urgent care disaster.

An introduction of the ones who give me a reason to blog

My name is Andrea and I have four wonderful reasons to start blogging.  Each day my life is filled with the unknown.  Sometimes good and sometimes not so good.  My oldest son is Jakob.  He is 8 and profoundly deaf. He is obessesed with Legos and Pirates (you will see in time why I mention this).  Next is Trent who is 5.  Most of you have heard many of my humiliating Trent stories but let me tell you there are more to come.  Last are my twins Kristopher and Marley who are almost 3. Words cannot describe what they can put me through in a day and honestly I think they enjoy every minute of it! I love my children and someday I know I will look back and find all of this hilarious but in the mean time welcome to my world.......