Monday, February 21, 2011

Potty training twins....need I say more?

So I "kinda" started potty training a while ago.  "Kinda" meaning I've been putting them on the potty when it was convenient for me.  Not exactly training I know but potty training two children at once is just not fun and takes up so much time.  But I am TIRED of changing diapers and they are very ready to be potty trained so here it goes. 
Meet Kristopher.....this child never admits that he needs to be changed.  He always blames his sister for going potty in his diaper.  He has a super cool Lightening McQueen potty chair which he likes to dump water into and claim that he went potty.
Meet Marley....she really has no motivation to use a potty chair.  She likes to hide and do her business and I refuse to put a potty chair in her closet.  She is very much a princess and looks at me like I'm crazy for asking her to sit on the potty. Every princess needs a throne right? (Come on that was kinda funny lol)
Kristopher gets all excited to put on his big boy underwear and tells me over and over he's a big boy now and will go pee in his potty.  He sits down a hundred different times during the day and never goes but always manages to pee his pants at least five times.  I can't figure him out and have been sending Trent into the bathroom with him for a big brother pep talk lol. 
Marley on the other hand goes in the potty very often.  But it's only because she is SOBBING about sitting on the potty.  She doesn't even notice she's doing it.  Then when I show her and say yeah she gets even more upset.  I'm hoping her babydoll that has her own potty chair will cause the tears to cease and we can make this a good experience.
Both of them have dry diapers at night and even take off their own diapers because they don't like the yucky stuff so I know that they are ready but they sure are making it difficult.  I just keep dreaming of a diaper free day :) Below are pictures of Marley caught in her hiding spot and Kris smiling and trying to convince me that he did NOT pee his pants lol.

(Wow I sure said potty a lot didn't I?)

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Never turn your back on your children in the baby aisle

This is a much loved Trent story that I have been asked over and over to share again.  I must warn you that for mother's with younger children this may give you a small panic attack if you think of it happening to yourself. LOL.  No seriously.........Up until recently I was never actually willing to take all my children to the store.  Someone always threw a fit and I would always have to leave before I was done shopping which made the trip pointless.  Well just my luck I ran out of diapers so I put all the kids in the car and off we went to Fred Meyer.  My thought was I just needed one thing which made my shopping trip a very quick one.  The twins are fairly easy as they just sit in the cart.  Trent walks beside me and it's usually Jakob who takes off to the toy section so I was watching him closely.  We made it to the baby aisle and I grabbed the bag of diapers, ready to go, but a few items on the shelf caught my eye.  Needing to compare I started reading the labels on the back and when I glanced up to check on Jake I noticed people in the aisle laughing and pointing. I slowly turned around filled with dread knowing this was not a good thing and there stood by five year old son COVERED from head to toe with maxi pads.  Yes by now you are all laughing but that was not my initial reaction.  I was thoroughly embarrassed.  All I could think was is he really covered in maxi pads?  I immediately removed every single pad from his body and whispered a "you are in so much trouble when we get home" then headed for the checkout line. Knowing I would have to pay for the maxi pads I shoved them all back in the bag. I made Trent hand the bag to the clerk intending to make him explain what he did but before I could he tells the clerk, "My mommy needs these for when she pees her pants."  Good one son........can you embarrass me even more!?!  I still have not recovered from this experience and make sure that I never let Trent out of my sight.  He still reminds me from time to time that I should buy him some of those big bandaids for his owies. 

Friday, February 11, 2011

I love it when my kids get excited!

I love it when my kids get more excited about things than I do.  Many of you know I was in a car accident a few weeks back and totaled my car.  We have been in a rental car until today.  I was able to find a minivan on craigslist and we went to pick it up today.  Trent has been excited for a week now that we were getting a minivan.  He has had to share an incredibly small seat with his brother Jakob for quite some time  and he was thrilled that he would get his own seat in the minivan.  So I got Trent out of the car to come and take a look at it with me.  He immediately hopped in a sat in every seat at least twice and counted all of them at least ten times.  He was shaking he was so excited.  Well that and he needed to use the restroom which he failed to mention until we had to leave but I have never seen him so happy.  He made a remark later at home that there are seven seats but only six of us.  So I asked him what we should do with the extra seat?  Have another baby?  Usually this teasing results in a cry of outrage because he has no desire to have anymore brothers and sisters who get him in trouble lol.  He promptly replied," Yep you'll get a baby in your tummy and push it out and we'll put it in that seat."  I believe that Trent had to much excitement today and now he has me wondering how he knew that babies were pushed out.............

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Cover those things up!!!!

Today I took Kris, Marley and Trent inside Jakob's school with me.  Feeling extremely lazy I had them call back to the classroom so I could just wait in the chairs at the front of the school.  I got the kids situated and noticed that Marley's shoes had come untied.  While leaning over to tie them Trent started pulling on my arm and practically yelling, "Mom, mom look!"  I immediately looked to where he was pointing and had to take a double take before I actually realized what I saw.  Across from us there was a woman breastfeeding her baby.  No big deal right?  Except the fact that the woman had both breasts out for the world to see in an ELEMENTARY school.  I had a "slight" problem with that and while I was thinking of a way to ask the lady to politely cover herself Trent says, "Mom she has boobs just like you!"  Before I could respond, as my face is turning red from embarrassment, he then asks " Why is that baby biting her boob?"  This may seem weird but I felt that discussing nursing was easier than explaining why the woman is sitting there basically topless. During my explanation to Trent I glance over at the woman who gives me this snobby "I can't believe your children look" and I actually laughed out loud.  Seriously!?! Finally the office secretary had come back and noticed the half dressed woman in the chair and was immediately asked to leave the building. Finally Jakob was coming down the hall so we could leave. We had to pass by the now very angry but STILL half naked woman to get outside and Trent (You really didn't think we could just leave did you?) turns to the lady and says, "My mom says that I can't see girls boobs until I'm married," and then he skipped out the door. I seriously laughed so hard I was crying.  Yes we did have a discussion about not being naked in front of the opposite sex until your married the other day because Trent likes to bolt around the house naked before finally getting his clothes on so you can understand why I found it hilarious.  On the way home Trent asked if we had money.  Thinking he wanted a happy meal I just asked why. He wanted to know if we had enough money to go buy that lady a shirt.  HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Urgent Care Disaster

While helping Trent get dressed the other morning I noticed he was covered in a rash. After taking a closer look panic began to set in as I realized it looked a lot like chicken pox.  I  immediately got on the internet and started looking a pictures to try to compare them to Trent's "rash".  First of all ewww gross about all those pictures and second some pictures looked the same as Trent's rash so off to the urgent care we went.  Now to start the night off not so well the twins had taken a late nap so I had to wake them up and practically cram food down all of their throats so we could get in and out of the urgent care by bedtime.  Silly me.  There was an hour wait and I chose to wait out in the lobby as I knew my kids would not behave in a small waiting room.  So while waiting for Trent to be seen for a rash Marley ran head first into a pole and still has a good size goose egg on her forehead which is now bruised.  I had just told her to stop running to.  1 down 3 to go.  Next Jakob showed me  a sharp metal piece on his chair and I signed for him not to touch it.  Thirty seconds later he came running over with his finger covered in blood. Obviously I need to work on my sign language. 2 down 2 to go.  Ok so it's getting close to the hour of waiting so I move the kids into the waiting room and Kris decides that he wants to cuddle which I was more than happy to do.  Did they just call Trent's name?  Why yes they did.  I set Kris on the floor and stand up only to notice that my little cuddly son had peed through his diaper and the left leg of my pants was soaked.  No problem.  I just make the kids walk right in front of me to hide it. 3 down 1 to go. The doctor comes in all laughing and in a great mood and for a brief moment I want to slap the man for taking so long.  Turns out Trent did not have the chicken pox but a viral rash that was contagious and I could look forward to the whole family getting it.4 down and it's time to go home.  And that was my urgent care disaster.

An introduction of the ones who give me a reason to blog

My name is Andrea and I have four wonderful reasons to start blogging.  Each day my life is filled with the unknown.  Sometimes good and sometimes not so good.  My oldest son is Jakob.  He is 8 and profoundly deaf. He is obessesed with Legos and Pirates (you will see in time why I mention this).  Next is Trent who is 5.  Most of you have heard many of my humiliating Trent stories but let me tell you there are more to come.  Last are my twins Kristopher and Marley who are almost 3. Words cannot describe what they can put me through in a day and honestly I think they enjoy every minute of it! I love my children and someday I know I will look back and find all of this hilarious but in the mean time welcome to my world.......