Sunday, August 12, 2012

A Little Bit of Life

Now that I'm feeling almost like my old self again I'm determined to get back to my blogging. I now have two more children to add to my mix of craziness so I imagine I will have some great stories as time goes on.  But for now here are few from my summer with all 11 and just with our 6.

This is Cooper.  Adorable and cuddly.  Can't you tell?

So Cooper comes into my room and gives me the biggest smile and says, "Miss Anra (Miss Andrea) I give you sugar and you give me sugar" as he puckers up his lips for a big kiss. How could you not want to pinch his little cheeks?

Justin has been enjoying his new (used but new to us) John Deere mower and the kids really enjoy helping daddy outside with the yard work.  Having a huge front yard is awesome because  you can  do a lot of races that involve a lot of running which means worn out and tired kids :)  Plus you get cute pictures like this:
Autumn, Zander, Jakob and Paige
Kris, Caleb, Marley, Noah and Trent
Cooper and Carson

And can brag a bit on your man like this:

We took our 6 out to O'Charley's for dinner.  A big storm rolled in and besides the massive drops of rain coming down outside along with thunder and lightening the power was flickering.  Zander and Trent had gone to the bathroom and the power went out in the building.  I noticed as the boys came back and sat down they both had big eyes and made a remark about the power coming back on.  That's when the story came out.  Apparently when the power went out Trent panicked and bolted out of the bathroom leaving Zander alone, in a stall, in the dark.  After groping his way to the door he opened it to find Trent waiting outside.  We were all laughing pretty hard about this.  I definitely don't want to be stuck with Trent in a crisis until he understands no family member is left behind lol. 

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