Monday, February 21, 2011

Potty training twins....need I say more?

So I "kinda" started potty training a while ago.  "Kinda" meaning I've been putting them on the potty when it was convenient for me.  Not exactly training I know but potty training two children at once is just not fun and takes up so much time.  But I am TIRED of changing diapers and they are very ready to be potty trained so here it goes. 
Meet Kristopher.....this child never admits that he needs to be changed.  He always blames his sister for going potty in his diaper.  He has a super cool Lightening McQueen potty chair which he likes to dump water into and claim that he went potty.
Meet Marley....she really has no motivation to use a potty chair.  She likes to hide and do her business and I refuse to put a potty chair in her closet.  She is very much a princess and looks at me like I'm crazy for asking her to sit on the potty. Every princess needs a throne right? (Come on that was kinda funny lol)
Kristopher gets all excited to put on his big boy underwear and tells me over and over he's a big boy now and will go pee in his potty.  He sits down a hundred different times during the day and never goes but always manages to pee his pants at least five times.  I can't figure him out and have been sending Trent into the bathroom with him for a big brother pep talk lol. 
Marley on the other hand goes in the potty very often.  But it's only because she is SOBBING about sitting on the potty.  She doesn't even notice she's doing it.  Then when I show her and say yeah she gets even more upset.  I'm hoping her babydoll that has her own potty chair will cause the tears to cease and we can make this a good experience.
Both of them have dry diapers at night and even take off their own diapers because they don't like the yucky stuff so I know that they are ready but they sure are making it difficult.  I just keep dreaming of a diaper free day :) Below are pictures of Marley caught in her hiding spot and Kris smiling and trying to convince me that he did NOT pee his pants lol.

(Wow I sure said potty a lot didn't I?)


  1. I am sooo there right now! Blake is proving to be difficult and is in Marley's camp as far as hiding spots go... them he'll come out and say "I'm not poopy Mom!" which is a tell-tale sign that he really is!

  2. Glad to know I'm not the only one struggling. Jakob and Trent were so easy. They just basically did it all on there own. I'm doing major incentives right now to try to help them along lol