Friday, June 8, 2012

Something To Make You Smile

My twins have just been horrible this week which has not made me a happy mommy.  I thought I would take a look back at my week and find the things that made me smile. 

Jakob and Trent playing Lego Batman on the Wii
Trent: Mom I can't get Roger to do anything!  He just keeps falling!
Me: Roger? Who's Roger?
Trent: Mom he's my guy!  See he keeps falling!
Me:  Well first of all you and Jakob need to switch remotes because you are playing his guy and second if you are going to be a fan of Batman then it is very important to know that his sidekicks name is ROBIN not Roger.
Trent: Mom my guy is a boy and his name is Roger.  Boys don't have girl names.
Hmmmm Batman and Roger it is

Kris walked over to me a a 2 foot stick
Kris:  Mommy do you "fink" if I put "fis" in my nose it would hurt?
Me:  Why don't you go ahead and try it
Kris:  (studying the stick) I'm gonna go draw with chalk
Haha that's what I thought

Marley: When I'm big like a mommy I'm gonna be a teacher.  I'm gonna tell the kids be quiet and we gonna sing ABCs.
Kris:  When I'm big like a daddy I'm going to drink beer and play "bideo" games.
Lol I'm glad one of them has things figured out

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