Monday, June 4, 2012

It's so frustrating when you know you have something but just can't find it.  It's even more frustrating when it's four years worth of pictures on a single disk that you had copied off your computer before it crashed for good.  So after much stressing over the loss of all these pictures, which included three of my kids births, I found the disk. And of course in the most logical place ever.  In the Wii Fit case.  Why wouldn't it be there? 

Relieved at finally finding the disk with all my pictures I rushed to my computer to check it out.  There are over 5,000 pictures on there!  So after scanning a few files and seeing that it was all there I decided not to do a memory lane blog as I had planned but to post some of our summer fun pics that are already nicely filed on my computer.

Coming from the northwest we were craving the sunshine and can I say how wonderful it is to wake up every day to sun.  Even our cloudy days are bright.  (Sorry to rub it all in)  But do you know how wonderful it is to wake up and send the kids OUTSIDE to play!?!?  In the morning people. Not until is warms up in the afternoon.  We were blessed to find a house with a huge front and back yard so we are very excited to get a big pool and trampoline.  Right now the kids use one of those tiny $10.00 pools that you can basically just sit in but the kids appreciate it anyways.

Our "not cool" pool

Other than the tiny pool the only other toys (did I mention we sold everything to move) we have for outside right now are two tonka trucks and a scooter that the kids have a blast with. They have to get creative though.  Marley likes to ride the little truck or she sits in the big truck and gets pushed around in it by her brothers.  Yes she is a princess.  Kris drives around the whole back yard picking up sticks and leaves and then he likes to sit and go through what he's collected.  Trent loves his scooter and has gotten really good at it.  Jakob doesn't go outside unless forced to because he would rather be playing with LEGOS.  So I compromised and let him bring some outside to play with.  He enjoys the sun a lot now lol.
It was actually 72 out but it felt cold

Sorting through his treasures

Just having fun

He loves his scooter

Happiness comes in the form of Legos for him
Our library has a lot of different things they do during the summer and this week we will be enjoying a movie and magic show.  We have also made it out to see a couple of movies.  The first one was the Three Stooges.  My dad got Jakob interested in the old movies so he was super excited to see the new movie when it came out.  He was so hilarious to watch.  Next we saw the new Pirate movie and Marley spent two days trying to convince me that she needed a luxurious beard so she could be a pirate.  This weekend the plan is Madagascar and then the end of this month the new Ice Age with all 11 kids.  You could say we are trying to get out more lol.  We look forward to our camping trips and trips to the park and lake and hopefully some Amish country in Kentucky.  There is so much to do before school starts in August!

At the new Three Stooges
And finally a Trentism...........

Trent to Kris who was playing in the bathroom sink, "God made the water and if you don't listen to mommy and stop playing God will turn the water off.  If we don't have water then mommy can't wash our clothes and we will be stinky and no kids will play with us. 

Kris "But daddy says it's ok that boys are sometimes stinky"

Trent "Not if you want to get a wife Topher"


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