Tuesday, May 10, 2011

A Five Year Olds Prayer

Trent is really into praying right now which I obviously have no problem with.  We pray over food, owies and such but the night time prayers are the big ones.  We've talked about what kind of things to pray for and up until now I have been doing the praying.  Tonight Trent decided to give it a try and I just thought I'd share:

Dear God and Jesus (Just in case God is busy with another kid Mom) please make Grandpa's back feel better and don't let him get any more shots cause they hurt.

Thank you that Nana only has 4 more Mondays (until school is out) then I can stay the night.
Please don't let Uncle Nic get sick anymore. He's getting a wife and has to work to pay bills (Hmmm).

Thank you that Aunt Jaime is going to marry Uncle Nic but he's still going to bring me swimming. He said so. Three times.

 Let Aunt Becky's baby "Wook" (Luke) get big and strong and Aunt Becky not to be so tired.  She's reeeaalllly tired and needs naps  (Can you tell he's been talking to Lilly?).

 Let Uncle Ryan get lots of money for his truck so he doesn't have to give money for it anymore (eavesdropping lol).

Lilly's stomach hurts and I don't want it to hurt her no more.

I want Daddy Justin to come home tomorrow cause I miss him and Mommy does too. 

Mommy's back hurts and she needs a new one at the doctor's.

 Don't let Jakob be mean to me anymore when I get 1st place on the Wii.

Kris has a smart mouth and needs to be nice to Mommy. 

May May is posed (supposed) to be a lady but her poop is reeeaaallly stinky. Mommy says ladies are posed to smell like roses. May May needs lots of roses. I have to put the diapers in the black garbage.

Please make the sunshine come out every day.

Oh and amen.

Although some parts were funny I was really surprised the way Trent prayed.  I expected him to want me to lead him with what to say but he just started talking to God. Sometimes it's not so bad having a five year old with "big ears". Especially when he can pray like that.

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