Tuesday, July 12, 2011

A Little Bit of Everything

It's been so long since I've posted on here!  This past month has been crazy.  I was very thankful to have school finally end but now I'm kind of wishing for my own sanity that it was starting lol.  The end of school brought my soon-to-be stepchildren Paige and Alex.
Paige and Justin

Alex and Trent

First of all I was wrong that adding two more kids was no big deal.  Definitely a lot more work.  But these two are so helpful with the other kids that it has made things quite a bit easier on me.  I truly have fallen in love with them and am praying with all my heart that God's place for them is with Justin and I. Second I was completely unprepared for a ten year old daughter.  Paige is wonderful but I was not expecting to discuss becoming a teenager and such. Like the "P word". I was not prepared to discuss that.  Marley is only three for goodness sake!  I'm sorry but I think I need a refresher course of Growing Kids God's Way.  Just thinking off it makes me panic lol.  I struggle with having to give them back but hoping my time with them again will be soon.
So summer fun with six kids has been crazy fun.  We spent a couple of days down in Molalla playing in the water at the park.  The kids could spend hours upon hours there and I enjoyed relaxing in the shade :)  Even going to the library and checking out books was a success. Lego night with a bazillion kids was insane. Fourth of July was insanely loud and I still jump at every loud sound I hear lol.  We did a lot of playing in the sun and this week they are all enjoying Vacation Bible Camp.  Enjoy the pics and keep us in your prayers as we go to court for custody next Tuesday : 
Alex, Paige, Jake and Trent
Paige and May
Kris and May

Kris and May

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