Friday, December 30, 2011

Holiday fun and a big change for 2011

I haven't written on here in ages and I haven't figured out how to post pictures from my cell phone onto this page so you'll have to do without pictures for now. Our holidays were great this year. Thanksgiving brought forth another deep fried turkey and some great, relaxing family time. Holiday shopping was crazy but I got it all done with plenty of time to spare. All eleven kids were extra spoiled this year and so was Justin. Every time I turned around I found something to get him. We celebrated Christmas a week early with my family this year. My sis and her mom hosted. It was fun and the kids went crazy when it came time to open gifts. The day before Christmas Eve we took the kids to PIR and Peacock Lane which was a first for Justin and I as well. It was soooo much fun. Jakob has always loved lights and exclaimed loudly over each house, Trent found every flaw with the lights that you possibly could, Marley REALLY like the "princess" lights (pink and purple) and Kris wAs to busy checking out the cars and trucks passing by since that is his main interest. We were all exhausted by the end but we had a blast. Christmas Eve we had our family Christmas at home and just had a lazy day. We of course watched A Christmas Story (Jakob still pretends to shoot his eye out) and Jim Carrey's Grinch. Marley always mentions that the grinch needs to brush his teeth. We headed to bed with a messy house but anticipating our day in the snow on Christmas Day. We drive out to Mt. Hood the next morning and of course it was raining. By the time we got up to Timberline it was extremely windy with stinging ice pellets. Needless to say we did not last long and our snow day was a complete failure bu we again had a coast just being together. Marley was just happy to wear her pink snow pants. It took three days to clean the house but it was worth every minute. Christmas decor is put away and now my focus is on organizing and packing. Packing you say? Why yes packing. We have decided to make the big move to Tennessee. Not only do I get to live close to my brother, sis and her family but we are that much closer to our other seven kids :) we are so excited about this new change. We decided to sell practically everything so right now I'm just going through things and getting ready to post them on Craigslist and Facebook. Even the kids are enjoying the sorting process. Trent has learned a lot about people in need this year and has taught a lot to the twins. They were more than willing to give away a good amount of clothes and toys to those in need. I love to see that kind of growth in them. They are really excited to move. Kris is constantly grabbing the globe and showing me Tennessee. It should be quite the adventure driving across country with two vehicles, a trailer and all the kids. If I can figure out how to post pictures I will. I will also be adding some more Trent stories as well as the twins. Happy New Year!!!

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