Thursday, May 24, 2012

To much time gone by

Wow!  It has been so long since I've blogged anything.  That's what happens when you don't have a computer anymore.  Thanks so my parents I can get back to blogging again on our new laptop :)  I'm just going to sum up these past few months and share some of my funny "kid" stories.  If I don't this might be the longest post ever lol.  Back in March we made the big move to Tennessee.  We decided to sell most of our stuff and drive over.  Justin piled what we had left into his truck, trailer and my sis' car and we were off.  Before I start on our trip let me say that saying goodbye to your family is sooooo hard.  It was very emotional and I cried for a quite a while before I decided that it was safer to see while driving instead of bawling my eyes out.  You have a new kind of love for your family when you leave.

That being said we headed down through California.  I don't like California nor do I appreciate California drivers.  Enough said.  When we got to Arizona we were able to spend a couple of days with my Grandpa and Grandma Franklin and my Great Grandpa and Grandma Liddle.  I love that they got to see all the kids and meet Justin.  New Mexico was gorgeous to drive through and Texas was pretty decent.  Oklahoma and Arkansas are two places I don't care to drive through again.  It was such a great sight to see the Welcome to Tennessee sign. 

Our home was bigger than we expected and our front and back yards are huge. The boy's schools are great and we love the town.  Justin was blessed with finding a job right away and he's been busy ever since.  Nic and Jaime moved here a month or so before us with her parents and they happen to live right down the road.  It's really nice having them so close.  Another great thing is they are expecting a baby boy in August!  So exciting!  Oh and Trent graduated from kindergarten!

School is out for the summer  and now the fun begins.  Camping, fishing, swimming, lots of library time, a new nephew, and my parents coming to visit and possibly my grandparents.  Oh and did I mention I'm supposed to be getting married and my 7 soon-to-be step kids are spending the summer with us.  Plus over here school starts on August 6th.  Yeah that's how we role.  Busy, busy, busy!!!

Before the pictures here are a few funnies from the kids:

Kris- Who made stop lights turn green?
Trent- God did.  He turns them green so mommy can get home to make daddy dinner.

Kris- Mom I have an owie on my little foot?
Me-  Where?  I don't see it
Kris- Right there on my little foot.  (pointing at his little toe)
Me- You mean your little toe?
Kris- (thinking)  I guess is can be a toe

Kris- ( after putting a pair of socks on) I'm a genius

Trent, Kris and Marley chose to have huge temper tantrums after I told them to go to bed one night.  Jakob heard their crying and screaming and came out of his room to investigate.  Upon seeing them all throwing a fit he walked over in front of them, started shaking his finger at them and yelling really loud.  They all immediately stopped, got their jammies on and went to bed. :)

Trent was the only student in his class to spend all day crying because school was out for the summer.  He made his teacher cry several times because she felt so bad.

Our new house

Justin's new bbq since it's always nice and we can ACTUALLY bbq

Jake and Uncle Nic at Jake's school

Playing outside before the storm

Yes I know my glasses make me have bug eyes but I love them and the sun!

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