Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Kris' Staples

Last week I had my first experience with one of my kids cracking their head open.  It wasn't horrible but the wound was still open after an hour so I took Kris down to the Urgent Care.  He was so upset that he had to go to the doctor.  He kept saying, "It's fine Mama. My heads fine."  But then he would touch the spot and start crying again because it hurt.  After seeing the doctor he decided to put three staples in for five days.  My thought was that staples were better than stitches.  Kris on the other hand proceeded to tell the doctor that he couldn't have staples put in his head because his mama said he would get in big trouble if he played with the stapler again.  I sat holding numbing medicine on his head for twenty minutes (guess they wanted to be sure) and then the doctor came back in with his mini stapler and went to work. After seeing the doctors handiwork Kris was quite proud to let everyone know that he had staples in his head.  I took him out to CCS to visit my mom and she had her class look at his head.  The girls had a typical third grade reaction which was funny.  Except I believe I hear Kyra say cool lol.  On the way home Kris said, "I liked when the grills (girls) said ewww about my sthapelths (staples) mama. " Of course that would make him happy.  He was quite disappointed to have his staples removed and wanted to keep them.

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