Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Marley the Bag Lady

I'm pretty sure I've mentioned on here before that my sweet, adorable daughter collects TRASH.  Yes that's right. Any kind of garbage she can get her hands on.  She puts it in plastic bags and purses and puts them in her bed.  The once a month cleaning where I went through all her toys and such turned to weekly and now daily.  Sometimes she completely grosses me out.  Why would you carry around the other half of your banana that  you didn't eat from four days ago? Or a poopy diaper in your purse? Hey if I ever lose a receipt I needed I know where to find it.  For some reason she sees all the trash as treasure.  So yesterday she came out of her room looking like this.........

My very own bag lady
I was a bit mortified because my mind was starting to picture her in the future pushing a shopping cart full of junk down the side walk and stopping to feed the pigeons.  And this is no joke.  Not two minutes later she asked if she could put bread in her bags to feed the birds outside in the yard. Hopefully as she grows up she'll take an interest in make up and clothes lol.  And yes all of those bags are filled with trash.

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  1. Oh...dear. You're kids never cease to crack me up - but I'm with you - hopefully she'll grow out of the trash collecting stage soon!!