Thursday, February 10, 2011

Cover those things up!!!!

Today I took Kris, Marley and Trent inside Jakob's school with me.  Feeling extremely lazy I had them call back to the classroom so I could just wait in the chairs at the front of the school.  I got the kids situated and noticed that Marley's shoes had come untied.  While leaning over to tie them Trent started pulling on my arm and practically yelling, "Mom, mom look!"  I immediately looked to where he was pointing and had to take a double take before I actually realized what I saw.  Across from us there was a woman breastfeeding her baby.  No big deal right?  Except the fact that the woman had both breasts out for the world to see in an ELEMENTARY school.  I had a "slight" problem with that and while I was thinking of a way to ask the lady to politely cover herself Trent says, "Mom she has boobs just like you!"  Before I could respond, as my face is turning red from embarrassment, he then asks " Why is that baby biting her boob?"  This may seem weird but I felt that discussing nursing was easier than explaining why the woman is sitting there basically topless. During my explanation to Trent I glance over at the woman who gives me this snobby "I can't believe your children look" and I actually laughed out loud.  Seriously!?! Finally the office secretary had come back and noticed the half dressed woman in the chair and was immediately asked to leave the building. Finally Jakob was coming down the hall so we could leave. We had to pass by the now very angry but STILL half naked woman to get outside and Trent (You really didn't think we could just leave did you?) turns to the lady and says, "My mom says that I can't see girls boobs until I'm married," and then he skipped out the door. I seriously laughed so hard I was crying.  Yes we did have a discussion about not being naked in front of the opposite sex until your married the other day because Trent likes to bolt around the house naked before finally getting his clothes on so you can understand why I found it hilarious.  On the way home Trent asked if we had money.  Thinking he wanted a happy meal I just asked why. He wanted to know if we had enough money to go buy that lady a shirt.  HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!


  1. Oh my goodness *wipes away tears* that was hilarious. And yes, kids really do notice everything. I know there is a whole "thing" about breastfeeding and how some women are really, oddly snobby and I-can-be-half-naked-if-I-want about it but at an elementary school? Does she think kids aren't going to comment on that? I'm totally glad Trent said that to her, made my day.

  2. I laughed the entire way through this post. What a crazy story. :)