Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Urgent Care Disaster

While helping Trent get dressed the other morning I noticed he was covered in a rash. After taking a closer look panic began to set in as I realized it looked a lot like chicken pox.  I  immediately got on the internet and started looking a pictures to try to compare them to Trent's "rash".  First of all ewww gross about all those pictures and second some pictures looked the same as Trent's rash so off to the urgent care we went.  Now to start the night off not so well the twins had taken a late nap so I had to wake them up and practically cram food down all of their throats so we could get in and out of the urgent care by bedtime.  Silly me.  There was an hour wait and I chose to wait out in the lobby as I knew my kids would not behave in a small waiting room.  So while waiting for Trent to be seen for a rash Marley ran head first into a pole and still has a good size goose egg on her forehead which is now bruised.  I had just told her to stop running to.  1 down 3 to go.  Next Jakob showed me  a sharp metal piece on his chair and I signed for him not to touch it.  Thirty seconds later he came running over with his finger covered in blood. Obviously I need to work on my sign language. 2 down 2 to go.  Ok so it's getting close to the hour of waiting so I move the kids into the waiting room and Kris decides that he wants to cuddle which I was more than happy to do.  Did they just call Trent's name?  Why yes they did.  I set Kris on the floor and stand up only to notice that my little cuddly son had peed through his diaper and the left leg of my pants was soaked.  No problem.  I just make the kids walk right in front of me to hide it. 3 down 1 to go. The doctor comes in all laughing and in a great mood and for a brief moment I want to slap the man for taking so long.  Turns out Trent did not have the chicken pox but a viral rash that was contagious and I could look forward to the whole family getting it.4 down and it's time to go home.  And that was my urgent care disaster.

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