Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Never turn your back on your children in the baby aisle

This is a much loved Trent story that I have been asked over and over to share again.  I must warn you that for mother's with younger children this may give you a small panic attack if you think of it happening to yourself. LOL.  No seriously.........Up until recently I was never actually willing to take all my children to the store.  Someone always threw a fit and I would always have to leave before I was done shopping which made the trip pointless.  Well just my luck I ran out of diapers so I put all the kids in the car and off we went to Fred Meyer.  My thought was I just needed one thing which made my shopping trip a very quick one.  The twins are fairly easy as they just sit in the cart.  Trent walks beside me and it's usually Jakob who takes off to the toy section so I was watching him closely.  We made it to the baby aisle and I grabbed the bag of diapers, ready to go, but a few items on the shelf caught my eye.  Needing to compare I started reading the labels on the back and when I glanced up to check on Jake I noticed people in the aisle laughing and pointing. I slowly turned around filled with dread knowing this was not a good thing and there stood by five year old son COVERED from head to toe with maxi pads.  Yes by now you are all laughing but that was not my initial reaction.  I was thoroughly embarrassed.  All I could think was is he really covered in maxi pads?  I immediately removed every single pad from his body and whispered a "you are in so much trouble when we get home" then headed for the checkout line. Knowing I would have to pay for the maxi pads I shoved them all back in the bag. I made Trent hand the bag to the clerk intending to make him explain what he did but before I could he tells the clerk, "My mommy needs these for when she pees her pants."  Good one son........can you embarrass me even more!?!  I still have not recovered from this experience and make sure that I never let Trent out of my sight.  He still reminds me from time to time that I should buy him some of those big bandaids for his owies. 

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