Friday, February 11, 2011

I love it when my kids get excited!

I love it when my kids get more excited about things than I do.  Many of you know I was in a car accident a few weeks back and totaled my car.  We have been in a rental car until today.  I was able to find a minivan on craigslist and we went to pick it up today.  Trent has been excited for a week now that we were getting a minivan.  He has had to share an incredibly small seat with his brother Jakob for quite some time  and he was thrilled that he would get his own seat in the minivan.  So I got Trent out of the car to come and take a look at it with me.  He immediately hopped in a sat in every seat at least twice and counted all of them at least ten times.  He was shaking he was so excited.  Well that and he needed to use the restroom which he failed to mention until we had to leave but I have never seen him so happy.  He made a remark later at home that there are seven seats but only six of us.  So I asked him what we should do with the extra seat?  Have another baby?  Usually this teasing results in a cry of outrage because he has no desire to have anymore brothers and sisters who get him in trouble lol.  He promptly replied," Yep you'll get a baby in your tummy and push it out and we'll put it in that seat."  I believe that Trent had to much excitement today and now he has me wondering how he knew that babies were pushed out.............

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